Frequently Asked Questions

List of Prices & Services

Current #1 FAQ:

Will you help me with product development and/or production of my clothing line?

We would love to, but our current work load doesn't allow it. We also run a brand of our own, so it's really tough to do justice to our own brand and to our clients, so for now we are not accepting any new work. However, we are working on a booklet for start-ups to share the knowledge we have and to help others manufacture clothing sustainably within Canada. If you would like to be notified when our booklet is ready, please submit your email.



Some old FAQs that might be of interest to you:

What is your minimum order quantity?

We don't have minimums! We specialize in very low order quantities, and we will provide quotes for any quantities that you're interested in. Please recognize that it takes a considerable amount of time to set up a production job, and the labour hours in cutting are much higher per piece in low quantities, and all of this will be reflected in the price. To quote you accurately, we need to see a sample and a pattern.

What is your production turnaround time?

We work on a first in, first out basis. Currently we are booking production for April 2019. Depending on your order size and garment type, it takes typically anywhere from 2-4 weeks for a production run.

If I do product development with you, do I need to do my production run with you?

You own the production patterns and samples that come out of the product development process and can take them anywhere for a quotation on cut and sew.


Can you tell me what are some of the other brands that you’ve worked with?

It is considered unprofessional for a sewing contractor to divulge who they work for, as it is a competitive advantage to know this information. If you come across contractors who will freely tell you who they sew for, ask yourself -- do I want them to tell my competitor that they sew for me?


Do you have the technical capabilities to cut and sew my particular garment?

As a starting point, if you can let us know your general garment characteristics (style, fabric, seam types, etc), we can let you know if we have the machinery and expertise to cut and sew it.


How you quote product development?

We quote product development based on a flat hourly rate and will give you an estimate on the length of time to complete your project based on your particular needs.  Throughout the development process we are completely transparent with our time.


Will you source fabric and notions for me?

We are happy to share our knowledge of suppliers (notions, fabrics, labels, etc.), but we will not act as an intermediary between you and the supplier.  If other contractors are supplying these materials for you, it is likely you are being charged extra for it. It is better for you to work directly with suppliers, unless you really can afford to pay a middle man.

Do you have generic styles that I can attach my clothing label on to?

We custom make every garment style for the individual client. If you are looking for blanks, there are other companies that provide this service.

Can you give me a quotation for cut and sew for (insert garment type)?

Production is quoted on a per garment basis, and is based on the quantity of garments you want to cut and the length of time it takes to sew one garment. To accurately quote a per piece price, we need to see your production pattern and a sample garment. We are able to provide an estimate based on a sample or a very detailed technical drawing, but the most accurate method is to review your pattern and sew it up ourselves.

Can you give me a quotation for cut and sew based on my fashion illustration or sketch?

It's just not possible to provide even an estimate based off of a fashion illustration, because there is not enough technical detail. Even the large majority of technical drawings that we see on a daily basis are not prepared correctly and are insufficient to provide quotes.

Do you use subcontractors for cutting and sewing, or for any other aspect of your services?


Everything that we manufacture is done on site, at our factory in Oshawa Ontario, and you are always free to come and see your products being made. Our employees receive above market wages and we are extremely proud of our team dynamic. There are two things that are of paramount importance to us: the health and safety of our employees and the quality of each and every garment. Neither can be controlled when clothing is sewn off site. Some contractors will pay undocumented workers (i.e. called "subcontractors") to sew your garments out of their homes at exploitatively low piece rates, and then up sell these garments to you. We manufacture in Canada because we care about the working conditions and rights of those people making our clothing, and unfortunately, even here, people find ways of circumventing labour laws. This is a really important question to ask of any sewing contractor.

Is there anything that I need from the Canadian government if I want to start a clothing line?

Other than having a business license, you need a CA number, which basically registers you as a manufacturer and/or seller/importer of sewn product in Canada. It needs to be shown on your garment labels, and it's easy to apply for online hereIncidentally, if you have a clothing line, you are considered a manufacturer, and it will be your CA number that gets put onto your clothing label, even if it's not your own facility that does the production of the garments.  Ultimate responsibility for the garment is traced to you, and this is another reason to be sure about the use of subcontractors.


I have started a clothing line that’s done pretty well, but up until now it’s just been me sewing on home sewing machines. I’d like to set up a small manufacturing facility... are you able to help me?

Absolutely! Sewing for yourself is a powerful tool in making a successful clothing business. We can consult with you to help you set up a cut and sew facility suited to your needs. Owning your own cut and sew facility is a large capital investment, but well worth it if you want to have first hand control over your manufacturing. You can minimize some of the software costs associated with product development and production by having us help with the digital pattern making, grading and marker making. 


I have my own successful cut and sew business, but I haven’t had enough time to switch over to CAD and I'm still making my markers by hand. What services can you provide me?

Just a little bit of work in CAD on our part will make your life so much easier! We can digitize all of your existing patterns, and grade all of them using your grade rules. For a production order, we can make a digital marker based on your size ratios and table length and fabric width. We would print out the marker and send it to you for cutting. This is infinitely more efficient than marking by hand, and we can provide you with a precise report on fabric consumption for any given marker. If you feel like you want to do your own CAD work in house, we can help you transition!


Can you show me my designs on a 3D model?

We specialize in 3D modelling of garments, and almost all of our customers use this capability in the product development process. It's incredible to see your style changed instantly on a model without having to go through the labour of cutting and sewing of a sample garment. We only move on to cutting and sewing once we are close to the final design. 3D modelling gives you an instant feedback on fit, texture, colour and drape and allows for unlimited adjustments that can be made immediately on the garment. This is an incredible time savings especially on complex styles that can take several hours to cut and sew for each iteration.